Reusable Filters

[Image sp7dAES1]One of the many benefits of using a Sterilization Container instead of wrapping your instrument trays is the reduction in the amount of waste. Less waste saves your facility money at the same time as reducing your facility’s impact on the environment. Ever conscience of our environmental footprint, Aesculap has just launched a PTFE reusable filter for use with our line of Sterilization Containers. These reusable filters can be washed and re-sterilized for up to one year’s use. After use, these PTFE filters are 100% recyclable.

If your hospital is interested in the money and waste saving opportunities associated with switching from wrap to containers, please contact Aesculap Inc.

Instrument Organization System (IOS)

[Image sp7dAES2]Aesculap, the world leader in Sterilization containers is proud to launch its new Instrument Organization System (IOS). The IOS system launched in early 2007 into the U.S. market is the most complete system available for protection and organization of surgical instrumentation. This modular system, comprising of different shape and size silicone brackets, allows the user to configure almost any set the hospital uses. Organized sets protect instruments and reduces repair and they are easier to identify and access during surgery. For more information about this system or any other Aesculap SterilContainer product, please contact Aesculap Inc.
PrimeLine Clear Lid

[Image sp7dAES3]Come see what you’ve been missing! Aesculap, Inc.’s SterilContainer System, the industry-wide leader in sterilization containment devices, has launched the first ever transparent clear lid with a reusable filter.

Ever need to check to see if an instrument is in a particular set? Or check to make sure that a set has been run through a sterilization cycle? PrimeLine Clear Lid will enable you to do both, since the lids are clear enough to allow for visual inspection of instrument and set lists, while allowing you to also check the internal integrator - without needing to open the set and compromising the sterility.

PrimeLine Clear Lid - with reusable filters and transparent material - will provide you and your CS staff with an unsurpassed level of sterility assurance!