Action® O.R. Overlay, 3-piece Set: #40104

This is a “Must Have” for your OR suites. As stated in revised 2008 AORN Recommended Positioning Practices, “visco-elastic overlays are effective for preventing both skin changes and pressure sore formation.” This Akton® polymer 3-piece overlay set provides great flexibility for any surgical team; working well for a wide variety of procedures. Use the pieces all together or individually depending on the surgical patient requirements. Product offers full-body protection from pressure and shear insults; particularly important for an aging population and for those with additional health complications. Prioritize patient safety by keeping one set in each OR suite.

Action® Head Pad: Item #40201

Action® Head Pads are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes designed to protect and cradle the patient’s head offering support and pressure prevention. Choose from donut style with or without centering dish, horseshoe or spine head pads. These pads greatly reduce the risk of alopecia, especially during long surgeries while stabilizing the head.

Action® Armboard Pad: Item #40301

These lightweight, easy to clean, pads fit over standard armboard extensions and offer comprehensive protection for the patient’s bicep, elbow and arm. Ensure basic coverage of a critical high pressure area with our armboard pad. Also available in multiple lengths, widths and contours.

Action® Ulnar Forearm Protector: Item #40303

This simple, full-coverage arm protector delivers both ulnar nerve and forearm protection. The 100% Akton® polymer pad simply wraps around the arm and secures with hook and loop, then allowing the arm to be placed at the patient’s side. Fits a wide range of patients and is applicable in multiple surgical procedures.