Intestinal Bulldog Clamp
The Aesculap PL541S Intestinal Bulldog Clip is designed for applications where temporary occlusion of the bowel is desired. It is typically used in laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures during the assessment of the gastrojejunostomy for leaks. At this step of the procedure, the Roux limb can be occluded with the intestinal bulldog clip to prevent excessive bowel and distal gastric dilation. The Aesculap PL541S Intestinal Bulldog Clip offers several advantages over a “hand held” laparoscopic clamp. The bulldog application forceps can be removed from the port site after the bulldog is applied; thus freeing up the port site for introduction of other laparoscopic instrumentation as needed. [Photo – sp84AES1]
Laparoscopic Needle Holders
Aesculap laparoscopic axial needle holders offer superior needle control and secure suture grasping for suturing of both fine and coarse tissues. The unique ergonomic handle allows the instruments to be turned with extreme ease at the wrist. The shape and geometry of the jaw makes it easy to grasp tissues in any position supporting the two needle holder approach facilitating suturing in a coordinated and efficient manner.

A variety of jaw options also helps to simplify suturing in all laparoscopic indications. The “Viper” needleholder, PL409R, is one example of Aesculap’s unique jaw designs that helps to faciliate suturing during Laparoscopic GYN procedures. The 2x3 teeth jaw design assists surgeons in firmly holding tough tissue, primarily the vaginal cuff, during suturing. The Viper not only provides great grasping and holding capabilities but it allows surgeons to securely grasp needles without having to interchange instruments throughout the suturing process. [Photo – sp84AES2]

Laparoscopic Reposable Scissors
Aesculap Laparoscopic Reposable Scissors are a cost effective way to ensure surgeons have a new sharp cut during every laparoscopic procedure. The reposable system is comprised of a disposable sterile scissors shaft and a reusable handle. The disposable shaft provides laparoscopic surgeons with a new sharp scissors jaw and insulation for every case. A selection of reusable handles are also available providing the surgeon the ability to customize the instrument to his or her perference. Aesculap’s Laparoscopic Reposable scissors are offered in four different patterns; Hook, Mini-Metz, Metzenbaum, and bariatric Metzenbaum. [Photo – sp84AES3]