SKYTRON’s UltraSlide 3600B Top-Slide Surgical Table provides 1000-pound lift and 800-pound articulation.
Despite the best efforts of doctors, government agencies, nutritionists and exercise gurus, the number of overweight Americans continues to rise and obesity remains at epidemic levels. Unfortunately, as these overweight and obese individuals increasingly find themselves in need of medical attention and surgical procedures, some of the older, time-tested hospital equipment (such as stretchers, OR tables and patient transfer equipment) that was designed around “average-size” patients is proving inadequate. As such, the market is growing for medical equipment that addresses the special needs of larger patients and the facilities that care for them. In response to this need, a number of manufacturers are developing and marketing innovative surgical table with high patient weight capacities that are designed to keep both patients and healthcare personnel safe and comfortable in the operating room.

The STERIS Cmax General Surgical Table boasts a weight capacity of up to 1100 pounds, enabling it to easily accommodate bariatric patients.
Skytron (Grand Rapids, MI), a manufacturer of surgical tables and other quality surgical and hospital equipment since 1972, recently unveiled their new Hercules 6701 Surgical Table for general purpose and bariatric procedures. The Hercules 6701 provides powerful 1200-pound lift and 1000-pound articulation, as well as full body imaging capability. This integrated high-capacity and functionality reduces the need for multiple support accessories and optimizes ease of patient set-ups. The table also provides 210-degree tabletop rotation, 23-inch low table height, which is ideal for surgeons operating on large and obese patients, and 30 degree patient articulation with full table functions. To further enhance the Hercules 6701’s versatility, a number of optional accessories are also offered, including a carbon fiber back/leg section attachment, power shoulder arthroscopy positioner and/or heavy duty split leg accessories and a full line general purpose and bariatric table accessories.

In addition to the Hercules 6701, Skytron offers a wide range of other general surgery tables and imaging tables with weight capacities starting at 500 pounds and extending upwards to 1200 pounds. One example is the UltraSlide 3600B Top-Slide Surgical Table, which provides 1000-pound lift and 800-pound articulation. It also features 23-inch Top Slide, 24-inch low table height and 30-degree patient articulation with full table functions. As such, the Ultraslide 3600B table not only accommodates and positions obese patients, it also allows for full body imaging without requiring patient transfer.

The Surgimax General Surgical Table from STERIS is ideal for ambulatory and out- patient care centers
TRUMPF Medical Systems (Charleston, SC) is also offering a new, high-capacity surgical table. The innovative, mobile TRUMPF MARS is designed to deliver flexibility and efficiency as a true universal surgical table. With 790-pound patient weight capacity, extreme low height adjustment and stability even at extreme angles, it meet the needs of bariatric surgery, while its full articulation and modularity allow easy and optimal patient positioning for virtually all general and specialized procedures. TRUMPF's interchangeable modular table components include a full range of carbon fiber accessories which, along with the MARS's 9.8-inches of longitudinal slide, head-to-toe X-ray channel and 100 percent C-arm access, allow unrestricted intraoperative imaging.

STERIS Corporation (Mentor, OH) offers a number of surgical tables and and accessories for a variety of surgical specialties. Their Cmax™ General Surgical Table has unique, highly advanced features that enhance its safety, clinical versatility, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. An 18-inch powered longitudinal slide provides full-body C-arm access without having to reverse patient orientation on the table. With a patient weight capacity up to 1100 pounds, the Cmax table can accommodate even the largest bariatric patients. Additional features include auto limit sensors that prevent accidental collisions and articulation conflicts, a state-of-the-art hand control that displays specific table positioning and status information, the IntelliPower® system, which provides dual power capability without manual switching, and a radiolucent, powered kidney elevator that does not obstruct fluoroscopy scans.

The TRUMPF MARS Surgical Table offers 790-pound patient weight capacity and extremely low table height.
For high-capacity patient handling in ambulatory and outpatient care facilities, STERIS recently introduced the Surgimax™ General Surgical Table. It is applicable for all diagnostic and surgical procedures and has been designed to accommodate new procedures as they are developed. The Surgimax table has the low height required for minimally invasive procedures and provides full body C-arm access from the top of the sternum to the toes and from the femoral artery to the top of the head. It also has design features that help to ensure reliability and safety. The electro-hydraulic actuation is reliable, quiet and safe; and with a patient weight capacity of up to 600 pounds when articulated, the Surgimax enables safe positioning even for obese and bariatric patients. The table’s unique six-section tabletop design provides the greatest flexibility for all procedures.

For the Amsco 3080 and 3085 Tables, long the flagships of the STERIS table line, the company offers a set of bariatric extensions that allow the tables to better accommodate heavy and bariatric patients. These bariatric table extensions match the Amsco tables’ 1000-pound weight capacity while extending the table width to 28 inches. This provides a safer, more comfortable platform for obese patients who are not only heavier than average patients, but also much wider.

The MAQUET ALPHAMAXX modular surgical table provides superior access and comfort for surgeons performing bariatric procedures.
MAQUET, Inc. (Bridgewater, NJ), a subsidiary of the publicly-listed Swedish group of companies, GETINGE AB, and a world wide leader in medical technology for the operating room, offers the mobile and modular MAQUET ALPHAMAXX surgical table. Interchangeable back and leg sections allow the table to be customized for various patient sizes and procedures. In addition, the ALPHAMAXX features exclusive, dual articulating, split-leg plates that reduce patient setup time and provide better access and comfort for surgeons engaged in bariatric procedures. Low-height capability facilitates safer, easier patient transfer and superior tableside access to the bariatric patient during the procedure. ALPHAMAXX offers a lift and articulation capacity of up to 1000 pounds. A powered, longitudinal sliding tabletop creates superior head-to-toe imaging access without the need to reposition. The ALPHAMAXX Surgical Table is also available with auto-drive for effortless relocation.

These high-capacity surgical tables represent some of the newest and most innovative currently available. The companies listed here and a number of other manufacturers offer a variety of surgical tables that can meet the needs of virtually any hospital or surgical center.