DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. introduces the Anatomic Locked Plating Systems (A.L.P.S.) for Hand and Distal Fibula Fractures. According to the company, the A.L.P.S. Hand Fracture System and the A.L.P.S. Composite Locking Plate System offer anatomically-designed titanium plating technology utilizing low-profile, high-strength plates, and exhibit:

Specifically, the A.L.P.S. Hand Fracture System offers:

  • Flexibility of in-situ contourability to mimic the patient's natural anatomy and multiple screw and fixation options. 
  • A low-profile design that helps minimize discomfort and soft tissue irritation.
  • Pre-loaded with DePuy unique disposable and color-coded Fixed Angle Screw Targeting Guides (F.A.S.T. Guide™ inserts) that direct the trajectory of the drill-bit through the plate for accurate screw placement after drilling the hole.  Treatment with DePuy's proprietary TiMAX™ process that reduces friction and provides a smooth, uniform surface while increasing the alloy's fatigue strength.

The A.L.P.S. Composite Locking Plate System features:

  • A low-profile design, strength and stability for distal fibula procedures. 
  • A small-fragment plate with a bulleted tip at the proximal end to facilitate insertion under the muscles of the lower leg