STERIS Corporation introduces the Reliance Vision Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector to its line of automated washing systems for sterile processing departments (SPD). The company feels the washer/disinfector can more efficiently process high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments with features like the following:

  • Optimized cycles allowing racks to exit as fast as every 20 minutes.
  • Less water use.
  • A high-capacity drying chamber for thoroughly drying instruments in less time. Integrated flow meters to help ensure consistent chemistry delivery, and an optional spray arm rotation detection package to maximize uptime.
  • PC-driven controls to monitor and observe cycle status in all chambers, chemistry volume and other time-based variables, as well as provide complete washing cycle documentation for all chambers.
  • Optional Process Data Validation System software for enabling independent validation of each cycle.
  • The ability to be linked to any hospital-wide instrument tracking system. Compliance with North American and EU standards.