EPS®, Inc. introduces the new EPS Oral Dispensers. According to the company, the oral dispensers feature:
  • Availability in 4 sizes: 1, 3, 5 and 10 ml, in either clear or ultraviolet inhibitant amber. 
  • 1-piece plunger construction that eliminates rubber grommets and silicone coating for an easy sliding of the plunger through the barrel. 
  • Latex-free material.
  • Graduations in both milliliters and fractionated teaspoon measurements. 
  • A tip design for easier oral and topical dispensing applications, prohibiting acceptance of hypodermic needles. 
  • A low-capacity tip reservoir that reduces residual content and ensures maximum delivery of medication. 
  • Ability to be capped with either Standard Tip Caps or a “Wagon Wheel” stand design that provides a solid base for standing dispensers on a counter top where they can be easily handled when administering medication.
  • Ability to be labeled with EPS LiquiDose Butterfly and Mini LiquiDose Labels, with bar codes using the company's MILT 3.0 software.