The arsenal of chemistry available to healthcare facilities in the never-ending battle against pathogenic bacteria include: Antibiotics, Hard Surface Disinfectants and Topical Antiseptic technology, all of which have significant importance and demand constant, daily vigilance of patients and their environment.

Care-Tech® Laboratories has a long history of research and development in the areas of hard surface disinfectants, including dual and triple chain quaternary ammonium compounds.

When the company began focusing on the human skin, specifically the needs in geriatric dermatology for bactericides gentle enough for daily use on the most delicate epidermal challenges that chemists face, it developed multiple products with the primary objectives including:

  • A lack of oral toxicity.
  • Extremely low dermal irritation factors.
  • Extremely low ocular irritation factors.
  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy encompassing gram-negative, gram-positive, yeast and fungi.
After extensive research of the dermal breakdown, chemical burns (often confused with allergies) and red, raw, irritated hands of O.R. scrub personnel, the company began developing TECHNI-CARE® Antiseptic, a tool in preventing surgical site infections.

Prior chemistry in this category addressed primarily disinfection without regard and for dermal cell structure and especially keratin formation. It also did not include a strategically important area of skin hygiene or the breakdown and removal of oils and organic materials thus allowing various food sources for contaminants to remain intact.

Care-Tech®’s literature reviews have intensely focused on Staph Epi as a continual cause of S.S.I.. The organism is an oil seeker, often found lying below hair follicles and in sweat gland pores. In order for an active, antimicrobial agent to attack this organism our microscopic research indicated that the necessity to eliminate or break down those materials was of primary importance. The chemistry available to accomplish the breakdown of organic materials and biofilm is surfactant chemistry.

Techni-Care® is a triple surfactant blend which efficiently and rapidly addresses these hygiene issues, allowing the active to more rapidly eliminate the contaminant. End-users need to comprehend that actives do not have the chemical capacity to perform any type of cleaning or hygiene function.

Techni-Care® Antiseptic can be safely used in all three intervention points to significantly reduce or prevent S.S.I. infection. Those areas include:

  • Patient pre-bathing prior to invasive procedures.
  • Skin prep.
  • Surgical site/incision cleansing.

All three areas are equally weighted in importance in infection prevention protocols, and these points are especially important in the bariatric and diabetic populations.

S.S.I. data, as reported by C.D.C., continues to spiral up and out of control, and the TECHNI-CARE® Antiseptic may provide the appropriately formulated chemistry to halt those continually ascending statistics.

Sherry L. Brereton, MSM, MBA, is the Executive Vice President at Care-Tech® Laboratories, Inc.