With growing concerns about the current spread of the swine flu, the question has been raised, 'Will face masks protect against swine flu?'

Tony Hanson, Managing Director of Marketing for Encompass Group, the manufacturer of ProGear™, an innovative, technologically advanced system of medical face masks developed and manufactured in the United States, stated, “At this time it is believed that the current strain of swine flu is passed hand-to-mouth and is not airborne, and the best defense is hand washing. However, the face mask does provide another level of defense to protect the nose and mouth from inadvertent touching.”

Encompass is in the process of establishing Federal Supply Contracts for ProGear face masks made in the USA. We are keeping in touch with our government contacts to get the latest updates as we all learn more about the swine flu.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending the use of certain types of face masks if you are in close contact with someone who has, or may have, the swine flu even though the airborne contaminate issue is still being debated.

“The swine flu is a reminder of how quickly a pandemic can be upon us,” Hanson continued. “Obviously, there are concerns that other countries may stock pile masks for their own citizens. Since our masks are manufactured in the United States we are ready to supply US citizens with large quantities of masks should it become necessary. There is also the concern that face masks manufactured in Mexico may become difficult to get if Mexican workers are ill, or their plants are closed. Additionally, masks could become the target of the drug cartels operating in Mexico if the demand becomes great enough.”

“It’s very important that we have our own supply of masks here in the USA. We will continue to monitor this situation, and remain ready to supply masks throughout the United States.”

The ProGear line includes Dry Shield™ masks for fluid resistance, Clear-View™ anti-fog masks for increased visibility, Skin-Saver™ masks, free of dyes for those wearers with sensitive skin, and high-performance Isolation masks. ProGear’s customizable Imprints™ line allows customers to personalize each mask with logos or custom designs. The masks feature:

  • A comfortable Wave-Fit preformed nosepiece.
  • Availability with either ear loops or ties.
  • Availability of the Dry Shield masks with visors for extra protection.
  • Color-keyed packaging to match mask colors and types for easy identification on the shelf.
  • A viewing window on the packages to show what’s inside before the box is opened.