Medicus Health's Autoclavable Surgical Step Stool Anti-Fatigue Mats help reduce the leg and feet pain associated with standing on surgical step stools for extended lengths of time. Features include:

  • The ability to be completely autoclaved up to 250 degrees F and reused. 
  • Mat measurements of 15.5" L x 12" W x .75" H with the ability to fit on most surgical step stool brands.
  • A high coefficient of friction on the mat standing surface allowing for traction even in wet conditions. 
  • The ability to be easily cut to size for smaller stool applications without losing the structural integrity of the mat's superior properties. 
  • Individual cells on the underside of the mat that grip the surface of the stool to provide stability and increased comfort.
  • Optimization for softness to encourage blood flow in the lower legs while resisting bottoming out. 
  • The ability to provide energizing response to leg movement that balances shock absorption and resilience. 
  • Resistance to tearing, edge damage and premature failure of its elastic properties. 
  • A latex-free surface that is easy to clean with any diluted bleach or alcohol-based solution or throw into the autoclave.