Leica Microsystems offers the HM500 head-mounted surgical microscope. Features include:

  • The ability to be worn comfortably and provide continuously variable magnification, automatic parallax correction, and sharp 3D images for precise viewing during surgery.
  • Precise optical zoom allowing a variable selection of magnification between 2X and 9X, depending on the particular eyepieces in use. 
  • Autofocus sensors that detect a specific object in the surgical field and adjust the optics quickly to ensure a clear 3D image at the working distance. 
  • Optical zoom, focus and autofocus controlled by a rechargeable battery-operated foot pedal for convenience and flexibility.
  • Integrated, coaxial light providing shadow-free illumination of the surgical field. 
  • A 200W metal halide light source with high color temperature and adjustable brightness.  
  • Precisely ground, polished and coated optical lenses with the ability to produce high contrast, great depth of focus, sharp images and high resolution. 
  • Image documentation with an integrated, autofocus video camera that can connect to existing monitors in the facility or integrate with a video monitor on a trolley system.