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Megadyne offers the Pediatric Mega Soft® reusable return electrode to address the small patient size and fragile skin challenges associated with pediatric electrosurgery. Features of the product include:

  • Current limiting technology that automatically limits circuit current in the event of contact disruption, available for use with patients weighing between 0.8 lb. (350 g) and 50 lb (23kg).
  • Measurements of 26” L x 12” W x ½” thick.
  • The ability for the pad to be sized to fit in a bassinet/isolette or on the O.R. table.
  • The ability for the infant to be placed directly on the pad, sized to extend the length and width of the patient’s body.
  • Compatibility with isolated RF generators.
  • Manufacturing with Akton® polymer to evenly distribute pressure to help prevent pressure ulcers.
  • Prevention of pad site burns.
  • No power setting or timing restrictions.