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SIS Trax, a Web-based application from Surgical Infomation Systems is easy to use and provides the means for hospitals to standardize their processes for acquiring, receiving, storing, and allocating tissues. With advanced filtering and alerts, hospitals can accurately track tissues, reduce waste and manage their tissue inventory efficiently. The use of SIS Trax helps hospitals ensure patient safety and fully achieve regulatory compliance by managing tissues to the highest standards. SIS Trax allows users to:

  • Set custom rules and alerts ensure stock utilization is safe, efficient and completely automated.
  • Recieve expiratory warnings identify expired stock for removal from inventory.
  • Automate tissue attestation process with prompts ensuring regulatory requirements are met.
  • Optimize the tissue life cycle based on tissue shelf life, forecasted use and on-hand inventory tissue supply chain management with SIS Analytics tissue manager.
  • Maximize charge capture with SIS Rules-Based Charging.