Skytron’s new Aurora II is a LED surgical lighting system equipped with high-performance, HYBRID LED optics with direct surgeon control of intensity and focus. Features of the system include:

  • Dynamically focusability.
  • High intensity LEDs for adjustable, deep cavity illumination. 
  • Centrally positioned fixed focus LEDs that enhance high intensity and bright illumination throughout the column of surgical illumination via advanced optics within each LED light source. 
  • A combination of focusable and fixed focus LED technology providing quality illumination that is always bright, cool and shadow-free for every procedure. 
  • Selectable color temperature is also selectable for every procedure, including bright (4,500K) or soft white (4,000K) based upon surgeon’s preference. 
  • Use of ½ the energy of halogen using LED optics to provide high intensity, brighter, soft white and cool surgical lighting without glare or shadows.
  • The ability for the lightheads to be optionally equipped Skytron’s Precision HD, High Definition handle camera which is removable and transportable room to room wherever education and/or documentation of surgical procedures is required.