ProMIS™ from Haptica enables users to use real instruments on both virtual and physical models in the same unit while providing accurate, comprehensive feedback on performance. Utilizing a ‘mixed reality’ or hybrid approach, ProMIS Modules range from Basic Laparoscopic Skills to procedures such as LapAppendectomy and LapColectomy and ProMIS meets the ACS & ACGME RRC requirements for simulation. Features include:

  • The capability to simulate Single Incision Surgery.
  • Improved camera image and zoom with a hand-held model laparoscope increases image quality by 100 percent and allows total freedom in positioning and zoom.
  • Flexible port positioning and angle of entry enable users to have accurate and realistic port placement and replicate real procedures.
  • Real instruments in real port positions for increased surgical relevance and enabling team training—including in non-technical skills.
  • Increased 'operating space' allowing for more and different procedures
  • to be simulated ranging from General Surgery to ObGyn to Thoracic surgery.
  • Improved metrics reporting and functionality in the Learning Management System.
  • The ability to easily build, adapt and integrate Modules and Tasks—
  • including FLS and local curriculum using the Open Module and
  • ContentCreationTool.
  • Fully-adjustable tilt and touch screen for ease-of-use.
  • The ability to be mounted on stand or desk-top and can be transported easily.
  • Few mechanical parts.