TRUMPF Medical Systems’ Pediatric OR tabletop and accessories are designed for children up to 3’ 4” in height and weighing a maximum of 176 lbs to provide the surgeon access to the surgical site. Features include:

  • A separate extension plate that can be added at the foot end to extend the table length for taller children.
  • The ability for the tabletop and extension plate to be equipped with 3 different types of padding to minimize incidents of pressure ulcers (bed sores.)
  • Narrower and shorter tabletop dimensions than the company’s standard OR tabletops, but can be used with all of the company’s OR table columns, include TruSystem 7500 and JUPITER System.
  • Various extension accessories allowing the children to be positioned safely and anatomically correctly.
  • A design for numerous medical procedures ranging from ears, nose and throat (ENT) surgery to oral and maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery.
  • The availability of accessories made of radiolucent carbon fiber ror intra-operative x-ray diagnosis specifically adapted to pediatric needs.
  • The OR table can therefore be configured not only for any surgical discipline, but also for both adult and pediatric patients. This enables hospitals to use OR tables cost efficiently and according to their needs.
  • A vacuum mattress that adapts to the infant's body, keeps the child warm and stable and is mounted in a electrically-conductive table pad on the pediatric OR tabletop that allows for the transport of infants from the OR tabletop.

Photo: TRUMPF Group