Robard Corporation introduces the new post bariatric weight loss product - BariCare™. Robard’s BariCare™ supplements, while a beneficial protein supplement for all stages of weight loss, have been specially designed to be prepared as 2, 3 or 4-oz. portion sizes for use in various stages of the post-surgery patient experience. According to the company, the bariatric products offer:

  • 20 g of easily digestible whey proteins and vital vitamins, minerals and fiber, while low in sugar and fat.
  • The ability to be consumed as soon as the post-op patient has progressed to a full liquid diet and contain optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Specifically designed for patients undergoing Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, providing 35 percent of the daily recommended intake for iron, 345 micrograms of vitamin B12, which is 5,000 percent of the daily recommended intake, and 100 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin D.
  • The ability to deliver proportionally high amount (20 g) of protein, primarily whey protein isolates, a complete protein source for patients undergoing biliopancreatic diversion.
  • 50 percent of the daily recommended intake for thiamine, particularly beneficial to patients with frequent vomiting.
  • Nutrient-dense to maintain healthy lean muscle mass and vitamin and mineral body stores during weight loss.
  • Convenient portion sizes (2, 3 or 4 oz.) for various stages of post bariatric care.
  • Helps to prevents the temptation to skip meals, which can compromise daily nutritional intake and lead to malnutrition.
  • Offered in flavors for variety and palatability.