Welch Allyn Lighting Products offers the ProXenon™ Surgical Headlight Camera that provides a video signal to facilitate recording and displaying surgical procedures on video monitors within the surgical suite. The headlight camera is mounted on the company’s ProXenon headlight luminaire and pre-aligned to image precisely where the light is focused. Features include:

  • Use by the camera controller of a magnetic mounting base to facilitate quick easy set up and relocation as needed.
  • Power and white balance controls.
  • An LED power-on indicator light.
  • 1 composite and 2 S-Video outputs.
  • Availability in both NTSC and PAL video formats.
  • A DC power adapter.
  • 2 S-Video cables.
  • A soft storage case.
  • An interchangeable international AC mains adapter kit with the PAL version.
  • CE marked and compliant with all appropriate medical regulatory, safety and quality standards.