The NuBOOM®, CompView Medical’s Visualization and Equipment Management System is installed in OR’s without construction or extensive healthcare facility renovation. The system features:

  • Cabinet space, shelf space and electrical inputs that house medical and video equipment keeping cords off the floor to improve safety.
  • Minimal down-time with the ability to install in two days.
  • No ceiling reinforcement or remodeling required. Proven, fast installation procedure.
  • 6-axis positioning of up to 6 boom monitors within the operating field for enhanced ergonomics.
  • Patient information and image presentation capability with crisp image presentation from up to 4 sources simultaneously.
  • Intuitive touchscreen video control requiring little training and is as easy to use as a TV set.
  • Touch-panel selection of video sources for each monitor.
  • A design that allows the system to retrofit into existing operating rooms.
  • The ability to work with low ceiling heights.
  • 8' overall height providing 6'7'' of underboom clearance.