Progressive Dynamics, an engineering and manufacturing facility recently unveiled The Cord Companion.

The Cord Companion™ is a T-shaped, plastic composite device used in the OR to contain cords and hoses in a collectively streamlined manner. The Cord Companion™ enables surgical staff to maintain a sterile environment, while bringing a new level of safety and sanity to an OR.

Coupled with the Cord Companion™ is an instrument holder. Both have the ability to adhere to any surface on the sterile field. The instrument holder is designed to maintain the stability of tools used in the OR, including cautery pencils and other heated instruments.  Together the instrument holder and the Cord Companion™ are known as the Cord Companion Duo™.

According to the company, hospital administrators will like the Cord Companion Duo™ for additional reasons, including:

  • Its affordability.  The Duo is offered for around $15 or the two devices can be sold separately.  
  • Its positive environmental impact, as the product is 100 percent recyclable.

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