The Cosmic Nee-Noggs from DeRoyal have been designed and researched to be pleasing, likable and fun for children between the ages of three and eight. The staff can wear the facial products and use the Nee-Nogg devices with the children to help them feel more comfortable, less frightened and a bit more playful.

According to the company, the FaceShieldZ™ feature:

  • A more convenient and cost-effective way to comply with OSHA standards.
  • The ability to be used whenever eye, nose or mouth contamination can be reasonably anticipated.
  • UltraClear™ technology.
  • Anti-fog on both sides.
  • An optically clear, anti-static, anti-glare surface.
  • Packaging in a convenient dispenser box.
  • The ability to accommodate eyeglasses and face masks.
  • Latex-safe.
wrap-around disposable lens for complete protection

Additionally, the SPEyes™ Eye ShieldZ™ offer:

  • A wrap-around disposable lens for complete protection.
  • UltraClear™ technology that prevents glare, fog and static.
  • A frame that fits completely against the forehead for splash protection from above.
  • Sealed lens mounting for added fluid protection.
  • A clip-on/off design for quick and easy changing.
  • A colored top strip that allows fingerprint-free handling.
  • Latex-safe.

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