Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring

Shafer Medical Devices, a division of Shafer Enterprises, introduces the Normothermia Monitoring and Management System (NMAMS) for monitoring patient temperature. According to the company features include:

  • The ability to monitor up to 1,000 patients at one time.
  • Use of wireless technology for remote monitoring.
  • The ability to be integrated into current telemetry systems.
  • The ability to alert staff via an optional integrated Bluetooth device.
  • The ability to be used in conjunction with current temperature management systems.
  • Reporting capabilities including printout and electronic integration to medical records.
  • The ability to be upgraded to auto control the company’s soon-to-be-released thermoelectric heating and cooling system.
  • The ability to be used for all temperature monitoring applications throughout a medical facility from ambulatory to ICU.

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