CIVCO Medical Solutions announces the first installation of the Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System at Agnesian HealthCare in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

“We are proud to be working with Agnesian HealthCare in establishing a state-of-the-art robotic patient positioning platform,” said Michael Saracen, Director of Product Development for Robotics & IGRT at CIVCO.  “Their commitment to high quality care and providing advanced technology in a community setting has made them a great partner in delivering on the promise of IGRT.” Agnesian HealthCare is one of a handful of IMRT providers in the state of Wisconsin. 

 “Agnesian HealthCare’s Central Wisconsin Cancer Program (CWCP) is committed to excellence by offering state-of-the-art cancer care,” said Michael Vander Kooy, MD, a board-certified radiation oncologist with Agnesian HealthCare’s CWCP. “The Protura system provides us with positioning capabilities and accuracy that would otherwise be impossible. We felt CIVCO had a great product with Protura and that the company was committed to the product line and future advancement.” When combined with CIVCO’s Universal Couchtop™ and SBRT Body Pro-Lok™, Protura becomes an all-in-one motion management solution. 

CIVCO’s Protura offers cancer centers state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price and with a short learning curve. “Within an hour, literally, our staff was trained and ready to use Protura,” said Heather Bowen, MBA, RT (R) (T) (CT), Radiation Oncology Supervisor at CWCP. “The Protura system has been one of the easiest pieces of equipment to learn. The system is intuitive and straightforward.” In addition to Protura’s ease of installation, the system has had an immediate impact on the level of treatment patients receive. 

“Protura has given the CWCP the ability to pinpoint tumor volumes with sub-millimeter accuracy,” said Bowen. “We are now able to adjust for setup variations in pitch, roll and rotation using the six degree of freedom robotic table. Protura offers patients increased accuracy of positioning without adding extra time on the treatment table.”

Protura has +/- 5cm travel in X&Y directions, with +/- 2.5cm travel in Z direction. The couch has +/- 3° rotation in pitch, roll and yaw.  Protura features a virtual pivot point always at the isocenter which allows for accurate adjustment, in-room touch screen controls and a control panel with indicator lights located on the couch.  Protura is compatible with IGRT coordinate systems and supports CIVCO’s SBRT Body Pro-Lok attachments. F

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