MAQUET offers its PowerLED surgical lights. According to the company, features include:

  • The ability to provide homogenous light for outstanding deep-cavity illumination with long-life LEDs (up to 40,000 hours).
  • The ability to ensure consistent, accurate color rendering especially useful when recording images.
  • A lightweight design that is easy to maneuver.
  • The ability to minimize shadows with patented AIM™ technology that adjusts for surgical personnel beneath the light by reducing power to the obstructed LED’s while increasing unobstructed LED output.
  • Exclusive FSP™ technology that compensates for light drift to help ensure continual, optimized output at the surgical site during extended procedures.
  • Ambient lighting that is integrated within each PowerLED lamphead, especially useful for minimally invasive procedures and arthroscopies where the surgeon needs to focus on a video screen.
  • Integration-ready.
  • HD and SD in-light camera options.
  • Availability in 3 models: PowerLED 700, PowerLED 500 and PowerLED 300.

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