Panasonic introduces a new integrated HD camera recording system that is capable of recording up to 12 hours of HD images on a single 32GB card, providing portability and ease of transferring recorded images and data. According to the company, additional features include:

An AG-MDC10 HD Camera Head that designed with 3 MOS ¼” image sensors, which provide independent color processing (RGB), and detail and color accuracy at full 1920 x 1080 resolution.

  • A built-in 10X digital zoom.
  • An attached 12X zoom lens with optical image stabilization.
  • Pre-set shutter speed that can be adjusted to either syncro scan or slow speed.
  • An AG-MDR15 Memory Card Portable HD Recorder that features H.264 digital recording on SDHC memory cards.
  • The ability for stored images to be easily transferred to hard disk drives or optical disks, or played back on compatible Blu-Ray Disc™ players or PCs.
  • Remote operation of the camera (zoom and focus) enabled through the Portable Recorder.
  • An input for an optional foot switch for start/stop operation.
  • 2-channel Dolby® Digital Audio that ensures clear sound reproduction of any audio recording.