Innovative Medical Products introduces the Phase 4 Gel™ Splint, a forearm traction splint for shoulder or elbow arthroscopy that protects against skin breakdown, allows greater flexibility in forearm and shoulder rotation and adds stability and anatomical uniformity to patient positioning. According to the company, features include:

  • Softer, more supple material that flows with the patient’s tissue to minimize skin shear forces like no other traction splint currently available.
  • Phase 4 Gel™ that holds the patient’s arm by adhesion rather than compression, distributing pressure more evenly over the entire contact surface.
  • A design with 3 holes that allow for 3 different hook placements to better control internal or external rotation of the forearm and shoulder, providing greater flexibility than single hook placement devices.
  • Construction with a pre-formed plastic backbone that gives conformity to the forearm/wrist anatomic angle, allowing a stable and uniform distribution of pressure and helping to prevent pressure occurring at only certain points on the patient rather than being dispersed throughout the entire arm, wrist, hand and fingers area.
  • A streamlined profile to enable the surgeon to have easier and better access to the shoulder area than other devices.

This reduced profile can also permit access to the elbow area so that arthroscopic elbow surgery can be performed using the same product offering. A design for single-use only, avoiding the potential for cross-contamination.

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