MediCal QAWeb is a complete, web-based service providing image consistency and uptime via automated calibration and QA of medical grade displays.

November 29, 2010

Barco's MediCal QAWeb software will be used to manage over 250 Barco medical displays in several exhibitor booths across the RSNA show. Using a secure internet connection for every booth through a live central server, Barco will demonstrate the concept that its MediCal QAWeb software will continuously and automatically calibrate, monitor and adjust display parameters to ensure consistent image quality. Just like the healthcare facilities they serve, several industry-leading PACS vendors will leverage the exact same capabilities that MediCal QAWeb customers enjoy, to optimize their own solutions showcased during the conference.

The network of Barco's medical displays at RSNA simulates a real healthcare setting, with numerous departments, clinics and facilities connected through a secured, centralized, web-based QA management software solution, without any extra hardware installations. “The benefits of the MediCal QAWeb service cannot be overstated in light of limited budgets and resources, with health systems continually challenged to maintain a high standard of patient care. MediCal QAWeb allows healthcare facilities to free-up IT resources and offer the highest level of support with the least amount of effort. As of today, the live, online MediCal QAWeb server is connected to nearly 500 healthcare facilities, managing 20,000 displays worldwide. MediCal QAWeb can be installed on any Barco medical display and is an open system, providing full diagnostic QA and issue resolution capabilities,” commented Danny Deroo, Product Manager for MediCal QAWeb.

MediCal QAWeb provides remote, secure and HIPAA-compliant QA management of a medical institution's medical displays. As the industry's first online QA software capable of ensuring guaranteed DICOM compliance 24/7, MediCal QAWeb enables centralized management of a multitude of display parameters, including luminance, DICOM calibration and ambient light settings. In addition, the system continuously monitors every medical display throughout the healthcare enterprise to maximize availability, automatically performing QA/QC tests without interrupting physicians' workflow.

Live Demo at RSNA
Barco will demonstrate a live connection to the MediCal QAWeb Server and its partners across the show floor in booth #9114 (Hall B), at this year's RSNA Annual Meeting, 28 November to 3 December 2010, in Chicago, USA. A copy of the MediCal QAWeb Agent can be downloaded at