Atrium’s advanced C-QUR TacShield™ Mesh is designed for ease of handling during the surgical repair of mid and large sized open ventral hernias. Combining the clinically proven ProLite™ polypropylene monofilament with omega-3 fatty acid coating technology, TacShield combines ideal mechanical strength properties with stunning handling and conformance by use of a symmetrical mesh apron for fixation guidance, stability and protection.

The intuitive design of TacShield’s Symmetrical Mesh Apron features:

  • Simplified surgical placement and alignment of the mesh
  • Helps guide and safeguard secure fixation
  • Saves time in the operating room when compared to traditional, single layer mesh products without a fixation guidance apron

Atrium’s omega-3 fatty acid coated TacShield Mesh is available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing the surgeon to choose an implant most appropriate for the hernia defect and fixation requirements of the patient.

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