The Kronner SIDE-KICK, firmly holds uterine manipulators during laparoscopic surgery. Pressing a foot pedal releases all Sidekick joints for re-positioning the uterus. Holding the manipulators with this device reduces personnel fatigue.

Side-Kick is attached to either side of the operating table rail behind the leg stirrup attachment. The manipulator is inserted into the patient using standard technique, then Side-Kick is joined to it.

With proper adapters and telescoping rod Side-Kick may be used with manipulators such as RUMI, Pelosi, the Kronner Manipujector, other types, and also a perineal retractor. V-Care uses its own rod and doesn’t require an adapter.

A gas supply module, which can be attached to the operating table rail, transfers gas from the wall or a portable tank to Side-Kick through two disposable lines. The lines are supplied sterile.

Under most circumstances only the arm assembly and adapters are sterilized. They may be steam autoclaved.

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