Today, many patients are benefiting from Olympus’ integrated minimally invasive solution called LESS (Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site surgery). Powered by exceptional optics and proven technology, Olympus is providing surgeons the tools they need to bring a promising new procedure to their operating room.

The TriPort access system is the key to the integrated solution for LESS. It allows a clinician to pass multiple instruments simultaneously through a single incision. The revolutionary port design stays flush with the internal abdominal wall, providing a clearer operative field. 

Olympus recently launched the new TriPort+ access port for single-site surgery in April 2011. The TriPort+ has three 5mm ports and a 10mm port (reducible to 5mm) enabling a surgeon to replicate the traditional 4-port Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy through a single incision in the umbilicus.

The ports have a duckbill/lipseal valve design that facilitates easy introduction and removal of instruments while maintaining pneumoperitoneum. In addition, the flexible instrument ports enhance access to the surgical site and accommodate different types and sizes of laparoscopic instruments: straight, curved and articulating. The port is able to accommodate abdominal wall thickness up to 10cm and the retraction sleeve provides wound protection. Furthermore, the port has a removable top for specimen retrieval without removing the port.

This breakthrough design has supported the development of other curved surgical instruments, including a new grasper and curved hook electrode to facilitate the procedure. When combined with the deflectable tip EndoEYE for visualization, Olympus’ system solution for LESS allows doctors to visualize organs from different angles, bending and flexing the instrument tip to obtain the critical view they need.

Clearly, the development of the TriPort+ for use in LESS surgery will advance laparoscopic surgery and lead the way to better patient outcomes with virtually no scar.  

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