Brainlab announced the launch of Curve™ Image Guided Surgery. Curve, the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery, is unveiling at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) Annual Meeting.

Brainlab announced the launch of Curve™ Image Guided Surgery, the ultimate command and control center for information-guided surgery. Curve features the latest image guidance software powering advanced 3D displays and hallmark Brainlab image enrichment. This advanced technology allows ultra-fast image updating when tracking instruments, which promotes intra-operative confidence. Using a human-centered design approach, Brainlab sets out to challenge conventional surgical utility and incorporate great ergonomics, two game-changing, multi-directional touch terminals, digital HD, hi-fi and wi-fi*.

Additional new features include:
• Dual-option, beyond HD provides more space to display and efficiently organize information.
• Cameras with motorized adjustment, telescopic stand and laser pointer for unbelievable setup flexibility.
• Extended camera tracking volume multiplies setup options without compromising patient registration.
• Digital, hi-fidelity music dock for an unexpected listening experience.
• Human-factor design hub connects Curve to the outside world and rapidly integrates third party surgical devices.
• Eight multi-directional power wheels that push cables away help rapidly maneuver Curve in and out of the OR.
• Centralized ‘Home’ and ‘Start’ screens with drag-and-drop functionality makes launching software applications and displaying contents streamlined and easy.

Mobile wireless networking lets users stream and record then push to linked workstations. Colleagues can watch, in digital HD, the live navigation stream and streaming video from integrated sources like scopes and intra-operative imaging platforms through the hospital’s ‘Brainlab OR web portal.’

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