Jon Minnick, Editor

As the new editor, I want to take a moment to introduce myself and point out a few of the exciting things happening in this month’s issue of . Previously, I worked in the home remodeling industry, collaborating with national organizations, as well as Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies to help residential remodelers run their businesses, stay knowledgeable and share new ideas.

For the last several years, I have watched as remodelers transplant kitchens and bathrooms with surgical precision, treat diseases like lead paint and mold, and graft master suite additions to homes in the United States. While their work may not be directly saving lives, I’m sure, over time, they’ve probably saved a few marriages.

In this month’s issue, starting on page 22, we are pleased to bring you the second round of Excellence in Surgical Products (ESP) nominees. While both my present and past industries have seen a lot of technological improvements over the years, there’s still a long way to go. The ESP awards are our way of highlighting the progress in cutting edge technology to help operating rooms nationwide achieve and maintain higher success rates. The final winners of this year’s ESPs will be announced in the November/December issue.  

Furthermore, industry leaders talk about how retractors and retractor systems have changed to accommodate minimally invasive surgical techniques in Surgical Brainstorm, page 12. They also give advice on what surgeons should consider when choosing the right instrumentation. 

High-definition (HD) televisions aren’t just for home theaters anymore. Surgical Products editorial director Jeff Reinke spoke to companies working on optimizing HD technologies for the OR. Not only are these technologies giving surgeons a clearer picture of what is going on inside the body, but some systems can also partner pertinent information on screen to help surgeons through the entire process. You can read more about it on page 8.

In my brief time working on Surgical Products, I have been familiarizing myself with the industry and looking at ways to make sure that you, as the reader, get all the information you require. I’m impressed by what the magazine offers its readers and hope to improve in the years to come.

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