Allen Howes, president and CEO of TTI Medical answers some questions about the ACCU-Surg® Suction/Irrigation Cannula Instrument Set.

1. How was the idea for this product developed? What needs were you looking to meet with this product?

Development of the ACCU-Surg Suction/Irrigation Cannula Instrument Set was based upon designing a high quality trumpet valve that would not leak or stick during laparoscopic surgery and could be used over and over again. The proprietary valve design is protected by US Patent No. 5,364,070. Another component to ACCU-Surg is a family of removable 5mm and 10mm outer cannulas of various lengths. Laser fibers from 600 microns to 2300 microns can be used with ACCU-Surg by inserting an internal cannula.

2. How does this product work?

The ACCU-Surg Suction/Irrigation Handle has two trumpet valves. One for suction and the other for irrigation. The tubing connectors are standard luer fittings. Irrigation is used rinse the surgical site for better vision and suction is used to remove irrigation fluid and any unwanted body fluids.

During surgery outer cannulas can be easily exchanged to accommodate surgical requirements. For example—changing from a standard 5mm cannula to a 10mm pool suction cannula for fluid aspiration at the end of the case. After surgery, the product can be easily cleaned and autoclaved for multiple uses.

3. What problems does this product address?

This product solves the problem leaking and/or sticking suction/irrigation valves during laparoscopic surgery. The design is user friendly and light weight.

4. How can using this product help facilities improve patient safety, infection rates and overall efficiency?

ACCU-Surg is a high quality reusable instrument set that comes with a 5-year warranty. It is the environmentally friendly, green alternative to single use disposable suction/irrigation cannulas. Over the life of the instrument, many thousands of dollars can be saved in addition to reducing your carbon footprint.

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Allen Howes is the President/CEO of TTI Medical and inventor of ACCU-Surg.

Allen Howes is the President/CEO of TTI Medical and inventor of ACCU-Surg.

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