Buffalo Filter is pleased to announce the VisiClear Surgical Smoke Plume Evacuator. VisiClear offers the latest in technology, resulting in a quiet, safe, and intuitive surgical smoke plume evacuator. Combining Whisper Technology for ultra-quiet operation, a compact shelf design, and touch screen convenience, VisiClear is designed to be an advanced acute care offering. Features include:

SafePort Technology -- A unique port closure design ensures that there is reduced risk of staff coming in contact with a contaminated port when inserting or removing plume evacuation accessories or when cleaning the unit
Intuitive Color Touch Screen -– Easy to use and requires minimal training
Whisper Technology –- Advanced sound control design ensures ultra-quiet operation with unprecedented sound quality
Sleek Shelf Design –- Lies flat on a surgical boom shelf with isolation feet that do not require hard attachment. Designed to accommodate stacking
State of-the-Art Electronics –- Features a 32-bit microprocessor with embedded color LCD driver to optimize speed and power

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