Surg-I-Band Data Matrix Color Coding Barcode from Scanlan International offers hospitals a system to organize and track surgical instrumentation and devices. Combining the benefits of Surg-I-Band color coding with the technology of bar coding, Surg-I-Band Data Matrix is designed to offer a fast, easy, and precise organizational system. According to the company, it is also Censitrac compatible.

Consider the following:

  • 14 Solid colors, ¼” width spools – containing 200 unique barcodes
  • Allows tracking of surgical instruments and medical devices
  • Data Matrix Barcode compatible with Censitrac
  • Able to scan minimum shaft diameters of 1/8”
  • Compatible with high-density Data Matrix ECC 200 scanners
  • Clinically tested for steam, gas and flash sterilization
  • Used in combination with Surg-I-Band Color Coding Dispensers, Removers, and Carousel

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