Robotic FloShield™, is a new standard in maintaining unparalleled visual clarity during laparoscopic surgery. FloShield proactively protects the laparoscope from condensation, debris and smoke. It is a sheath-based system that fits over the DaVinci laparoscope. According to FloShield, the device's unique design virtually eliminates the need to remove the laparoscope for cleaning, minimizing surgical interruptions and saving OR time. Features include:

  • CO2 is diverted from the surgical insufflator to the tip of the laparoscope, creating a barrier of dry gas over the lens that shields it from condensation, smoke and debris keeping the lens consistently clear.
  • If there is an abrupt loss of vision due to bleeding or rapid accumulation of debris, Flo-X in situ can be utilized.
  • Flo-x in situ is the first biocompatible, alcohol free surfactant that flushes the lens intraoperatively without having to remove the laparoscope from the patient.
  • Proactively prevents the scope from becoming dirty. 
  •  Provides time sensitive, controlled vision recovery after an abrupt loss of vision in situ. 
  • Preserves the surgical view, prevents the interruption of surgery and saves valuable OR time.