The Visum Blade LED Surgical Light from Stryker is a simplified surgical lighting solution for the OR, Emergency Department, and other environments requiring surgical lighting. Features include: 

  • Intuitive sterile control that allows the user to manipulate the intensity of the light while still maintaining sight on the sterile field.
  • With enhanced control from the sterile field, a wall control is no longer a necessity.
  • The slim profile and lightweight design also makes it one of the thinnest lights currently available on the market and gives the light excellent maneuverability for intra-operative positioning. 

  • Effectively and consistently lights the surgical site through its mastery of optical LED design and output.
  • Illuminates at 160,000 lux and produces a consistent column of light that provides excellent shadow resolution, which minimizes adjustment and allows for greater focus on the patient.
  • This simplified surgical lighting solution provides a long lasting LED solution that far surpasses Halogen lighting technology of the past.