The new ProCare Protein Check from Miele Professional is a new chemistry-based system that is designed to be a fast, simple and direct way to test instruments after processing to assure they are free of blood and protein soils.

The ProCare liquid is applied directly to the surface of surgical instruments immediately after processing. After three minutes, users visually determine the presence or absence of protein soils. The performance of the cleaning system is addressed immediately without running additional cycles using testing indicators. ProCare Protein Check offers a direct testing solution for sterile processing departments, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient clinics and anywhere surgical instruments are processed.

Ken Austin, director of new business development/medical equipment for Miele Professional, said the ProCare Protein Check could be used for any cleaning process.

“Our ProCare Protein Check offers significant savings in time and money when compared to existing technologies that most technicians and sterile processing department managers are accustomed to using,” Austin said. “And, it provides the same ability for facilities to adhere to industry best practice guidelines, such as AAMI ST79.”

ProCare Protein Check is a specially formulated liquid dye. Using the dropper tip, users apply 0.25 ml of the dye to the instrument surface. After three minutes the instrument is rinsed with water. Any remaining dye provides visual evidence of the presence of residual protein resulting from denatured, coagulated blood or other proteinaceous substances. A single 12 ml container of ProCare Protein Check may be used for up to approximately 50 test applications.

“All this is doing is putting a small drop on an instrument to make sure it’s clean,” Austin said. “Any larger-sized hospital will have a good sterilization process in place, but a lot of smaller surgery centers have less staff and money is always tight so some places don’t even know that they’re cleaning an instrument effectively. With the ProCare Protein Check, you can just test it out.

“It’s a quick and inexpensive way to verify cleaning – you want to know if you’re not getting things cleaned. It’s good for a smaller setting that’s not getting inspected as often or has a (cleaning) expert on staff.”

For more information on Miele ProCare Protein Check, email or call 1-800-991-9380. Visit and follow them on Twitter @MieleProUSA.