Parvathy Hospital, one of the largest independent institutions for Neuro, Orthopaedic, Spinal and Trauma surgery in South India, announces the installation of BrainSUITE® iCT, for more effective surgical treatments and therefore the most superior clinical outcomes.

Parvathy hospital, a pioneer in serving patients with much needed joint replacement, orthopaedic, trauma & spine surgery for over two decades, is now bringing its expertise in the revolutionary concept of an Intelligent Operating Room (iOR) solution. The new operating facility with BrainSUITE iCT will enable complete removal of a brain tumour in one intervention by verifying the result within the operating room itself; intra-operatively planned and verified placement of spinal pedicle screws; accurate placement of prosthesis for joint replacement and accurate alignment of fractured bones. Patients with aneurysms & vascular lesions of the brain can be treated in a much more accurate and precise manner.

BrainSUITE iCT is the product of Germany based BrainLAB; one of the leaders in software-driven systems for targeted & less-invasive medical treatments. With the introduction of BrainSUITE iCT at Parvathy Hospital, Indian patients will now have an access to one of the best healthcare technology available in the world thereby raising the standard of clinical care in India. At the same time it will also strengthen the medical infrastructure & expertise offered within the country; giving global recognition to Parvathy Hospital to have the vision to take healthcare infrastructure within India to a new level.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. S. Muthukumar, Chairman Parvathy Hospital, said, “Parvathy Hospital is committed to providing patients with world-class care, backed by the most experienced team of doctors and the latest technology. With the commissioning of the facilities we aim to take Neurosurgical, Joint, Spine & Trauma care in India to a new level of accuracy & less invasive surgery to get superior clinical outcomes which were otherwise very difficult to achieve in a conventional way of surgical treatment.”
Says Mr. Stefan Vilsmeier, President & CEO, BrainLAB Ltd., “We are extremely happy to be associated with Parvathy Hospital in bringing this cutting edge technology to India. BrainSUITE iCT features a surgical navigation system that guides the surgeon during an intervention. Image-guided surgery offers the clinicians detailed information on the patient's anatomy, allowing for more detailed surgical planning. With image-guided surgery, orthopedic, spinal and neurosurgical interventions can be performed more precisely and less invasively.”

In brain surgery, this new solution will allow surgeons to digitally plan the surgical procedure prior to the surgery on the existing radiology scanned images. It will give the option to the surgeons to retrieve real time position of tumours intra-operatively, enabling the complete removal of tumour tissue, which is a challenge in brain tumour surgery because of ‘brainshift’ (a condition wherein the brain changes its position from the original when an open surgical procedure is performed on the brain).

In Orthopedic surgery, the workflow of the system supports the surgeon to cut the bones very precisely and less invasively to fit the implant. A well placed implanted component will provide fast and early recovery; less pain to the patients & increased life span of the knee or the hip prosthesis. This would result in significant reduction of revision surgery and the trauma which a patient undergoes during re-operation. The intra-operative CT scanner helps retrieving accurate information about the joints, Spine and the Brain as surgery is performed without the need for surgeons to mark any points by providing exact 3D anatomical information.
“Today every patient wants an accurate and less invasive surgery for fast and early mobilization to get back to normal lifestyle and every surgeon wants a solution by virtue of which they can get the best surgical outcomes so that they do not undergo a revision surgery. BrainSUITE iCT meets both these needs,” adds Dr. Muthukumar.

For Data Management advantage, Parvathy Hospital is the first hospital in India to install the BrainSUITE NET on BrainSUITE iCT. With this software solution, image-guided surgery can be displayed on 57-inch medical grade monitors and touchscreen facilities where a surgeon can access images from within the hospital or from other locations around in the world which would also enables long distance telesurgery and teleconferencing. This facility will enable the patient to get their condition reviewed by the experts available across the globe.

With the introduction of BrainSUITE iCT; Parvathy Hospital becomes the first hospital in the country to procure this technology. Infact it is the just the eighth installation in the world and only the third one in Asia-Pacific to provide BrainSUITE iCT advantages to the patients.