For every 100 knees replaced at Borgess Medical Center, 95 percent of them will do well for at least ten years thanks to more precise, pain-free implants.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Todd Ream is an expert on knees.

Through the computer navigation we are able to put that knee into a fairly precise position, said Dr. Ream, probably within one degree of the perfect alignment.

Better measurements mean better positioning for the artificial knee. Each surgery requires three implants and takes anywhere from one to two hours. Its a tricky procedure made much easier with a calculating computer.

The pay-off for the improved accuracy is a more comfortable and longer-lasting implant.

Dr. Ream estimates about 90 percent of the computer-assisted knee replacements in Kalamazoo are happening at the Borgess Bone and Joint Institute. Its a technology that he and his team specialize in using.

With improved component positioning and also with improved technology of the implants we expect longer wear of the implants, said Dr. Ream. The normal comment is why did I wait so long?