A new surgical robot recently released by Medtech, a company headquartered in Montpellier, France, is intended for needle-based intracranial procedures like biopsies, epilepsy surgeries, and tumor resections.

According to the company’s product brochure, ROSA™ is the first multi-application robotic assistant for neurosurgery offering:

  • Intuitive and powerful planning capabilities
  • Surgeon oriented ergonomics
  • Precise and dexterous instrument guidance
  • Haptic collaboration with surgeon.

ROSA™ features cutting-edge proprietary technologies including Free-Hand Navigation®, complex instrument manipulation and the innovative Markerless Automatic Registration®.

ROSA™ assists surgeons in a broad range of indications such as Parkinson and Epilepsy treatments, tumor surgery and endoscopy procedures. The main benefits of using ROSA™ are:

  • Streamlined treatment delivery
  • Shorter operating time
  • Reduced invasiveness for the patient
  • Consistent surgical outcomes
  • Traceability of interventions.

Video ROSA 2011 Stereotactic Surgery by medtechsurgical