Proxy Biomedical is a leading innovator in the development of next generation medical products using proprietary biomaterials technology. The company is part of the vibrant life science cluster in Galway, Ireland and is committed to providing a value added service by assisting in translational research and development. At present, the company is involved in the research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices used in surgery, tissue engineering, and pharmacology. 

Our Markets: 
Surgery : Biomaterial implants and minimally invasive 
instruments for different reparative procedures 
Tissue Engineering : Absorbable and non-absorbable materials for the guided repair and regeneration of tissue 
Pharmacology : Development of combination devices using convergent technologies 

Our Capabilities: 
Biocompatible Materials : Clinically proven materials are processed into finished devices with improved form and function using high tolerance micro-machining methods. 
Design for Manufacture : Engineering design and development of high performance materials and delivery systems using CAD/CAM capabilities. 
Lean Manufacturing : Class 100,000 clean room with individual manufacturing cells for corporate and institutional partners. 
Quality Assurance : Service is performed in a controlled environment to ISO 13485:2003 and FDA standards to facilitate the transition into the clinical setting.
MotifMESH™ MacroPorous NW Implant, MotifMESH™ Tissue Engineering Biomaterial, VitaMESH™ Macroporous PP Surgical Mesh, AlloMEM™ Allograft Peritoneal Membrane, Polyform® Synthetic Mesh, Disposable Suture Grasper Needle, Original Design Manufacturing